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Individual Insurance Package

Union Member Only

For $18 a month the Individual Insurance Package pays the member three days at $1500 per day for any combination of days for a total benefit of $4500 per year.  A $5000 life insurance benefit is included. You may log on to cancel your package at any time.

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Individual Insurance Package: Packages

How to Receive Benefits:

After a hospital stay the Mill Insurance plan will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form (you can get it online too).  It will show the inpatient dates and the amounts that the hospital charged and what the Mill insurance plan paid. The form will also show the amount that they figure will be your responsibility to pay.  As soon as we receive a copy of that EOB we will send you a check, $1500 for each night up to $4500 total.

Individual Insurance Package: Welcome
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